Sunday, May 31, 2009

Evening update

Michael's latest labs are better than this mornng. He's going to stillm be here tomorrow as they want another day to monitor his fluid levels.
He's getting his last chemo med for today which runs for 15 minutes.

God bless .
More tomorrow

afternoon pictures

Lunchtime update

Michael is well and taking a nap.
His heart rate is lower and that's great.
His oxygen level is good too even when sleeping without and oxygen mask on.
He had a oxygen tube on his nose last night to help his oxygen levels stay up.

The doctors are giving michael some potasium which can effect his fluids and may delay him comming home.
No news on whether he cancome home Monday yet.
The doctors and cathy and I don't want him to come home too soon if he might have to check back in in acouple of days.
More this afternoon after I go down to visit.
God bless

Morning update

Michael was sick once last night.
Hopefully this won't delay him comming home tomorrow.
He did sleep well the rest of the night.

More later.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Evening Update

Michaels had a little afternoon nap. He is looking a little pale but they are giving him some blood which is normal for Chemo Patients.
He is doing a lot better than a few days ago and his heartrate is staying in the 140's now as opposed to the 180's a few days ago.
I'll be at church with Tristan and Makayla in the morning and then we will probably go to visit Cathy and Michael in the afternoon.
God Bless

Xray today

Michael has had a chest xray and the lung doctor says it looks good. Better than last weeks one. He sees no reason michael can't come home Monday.

We may have to bring oxygen home for michael when he is sleeping as his o2 levels get a little low when he sleeps.
More later.

michael reading

Saturday morning

Michael doing well this morning .

His heartrate is dwon in the 150's .
The doctors may keep him in past Monday to asses his fluid levels.

He did well with yesterdays chemo and didn't suffer from nausia or get sick.

I'll post a pick shortly of him watching a movie.

God bless

Friday, May 29, 2009

michael watching cars movie

Afternoon update

Please continue to prayfor michael.
He's starting more chemo today and if all goes well he may be able to come home Monday.

Morning Update

Michael slept ok last.
He is a little bigger and heavier this morning but hopefully he will loose that again today.

I will be taking the parents and kids to the hospital to see michael after lunch today.

More after lunch

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Afternoon update

Michael is off the Morphine now and they are waiting till tomorrow to remove the intrevenus food.
The doctors are saying that if all continues to improve he will get home next wednesday or soon after.
More later.

Thursday Morning

Michael didnt get a lot of sleep last night. The doctors want him to have the oxygen on at night because his oxygen levels go down to the 80's at night when he is sleeping. Unfortunitely, he doesnt like the nose thing in and stays awake trying to take it off.
His weight it down a little more today and also his belly is a little smaller too. (Yeah)
Cathy and I are trying to get the doctory to stop the intrivenus food and fluids because he is eating and drinking well now. we also have to get the pain management doctors to totally stop the morphine as its still on for a very low dose.
We are sure michael will be a lot happier without a lof of this stuff.
Overall we feel he continues to improve.
God bless

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Evening update

Michael's resting after another little ride for some fresh air outside.

His belly is 1cm smaller and he is down to 14.6kg so has to still loose 2 more kilograms to get back to the weight he was when he checked in.

He's also still pooping well and now is drinking and eating good.

Thankyou for your prayers and support

Wednesday Lunchtime Update

Michael is still going strong and still at the hospital.
He has lost another centimeter around his belly which is good.
He is off the oxygen still but was on it a little last night.

His overall condition is remaining the same for the last 3 days with no bad side effects from the chemo.

More later tonight when I get there to visit after work.

God bless

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Evening update

Michael is very vocal. Talking a lot and is also off the oxygen.
Should be totally off iv food tomorrow.

He's loving the little trips out of his room also.
He I's also able to pull himself up to his feet !
Great advances today .

Tuesday morning

Michael's about the same as yesterday.
Up and awake.
He hasn't had and bad reactions to yesterdays chemo.
He is whining a bit but that's normal for not being able to get out of the room a lot.

More later.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Afternoon

Michaels doing well like yesterday. We went for a big wolk around the hospital and he is continually wanting to go out of his room.

His levels are about the same.

He is due to get his chemo drug in a few minutes and that infusion takes about 15 minutes.

He is very talkative and vocal today.

God Bless.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

michael drawing

michael drawing

Evening update

His heartrate is getting down to the 160's. Which is better than it's been in days.
O2 levels are good in the high 90's even as they have lowered the flowrate to allmost half what it was,and he continues to be really talkative today.

No more updates today.
Thankyou so much for all your prayers.


Afternoon update

Michael's doing well. Heartrate lower 170's today and he is talking and asking for things.

He looks better than I've seen him in many days.

The doctors decided no ultrasound or ct scan today.

He's lost 2cm around his belly since yesterday so they are keeping him on 3 doses of lasics a day tohelp him pee out more fluids.

More later but overall good news today.

God bless

michael looking better today

Sunday morning

Good sleep last night.
Cathy and michael slept from 7:45 last night till 8:00 this morning.
Michael's belly is a little smaller today also.
The doctors may do a ultrasound instead of a ct scan today.

More later

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Evening update

Michael's belly is a little larger so he is going to get a CT scan tomorrow.
Just to rule out amy belly infection.

He's eating a little any also drinking.

God bless and more tomorrow.


We have michael outside for half an hour to get some freshair.

Back inside at 5pm for some meds.


Saturday morning

Michael slept ok last night. He has a little temp and higher heartrate this morning but for the most part is doing well.

We are waiting to see what his bloodcounts are today so hopefully we can take him out of his room for a little bit.

More this afternoon.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wvwning Update

Michaels doing well. sleeping at the moment.

As a update on the cancer indicating enzyme.
It was 64000 not 6400 when he was initially diagnosed.
The latest test of the enzyme is 566. which the doctors tested 4 times as they didnt beleive the initial tests because its such a massive drop in the enzyme.
(Enzyme is produced by the tumor/cancer as it grows)

I have heard several of the doctors now say the cancer is being killed off by the chemo but we will have to wait for several rounds before they will do more scans. Its definitely good news but we continue to restrain ourselves from getting too excited.
Michael still has a large tumor in his liver even though the chemo is attacking that very tumor.

god bless and keep up the prayers.

Russ Dyer

Friday afternoon

Michael isdoing well. Talked to his doc and he isstill pooping. White bloodcells are up and other levels are good too.
He is getting a infusion of blood to raise his plateletts but this is routine.

We can give him any fluids now but have to wait till tomorrow for some more solid food.

His cancer is reacting to the chemo which is confirming the diagnosis of hepato blastoma.

The tumor is begining to shrink.

God bless

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Evening update

Michaels back up on the 7th floor.

White blood cells are now up to 2500. neutrafills 200.Hoping to get neutrafils up to 1000.

He's drinking lots but isn't allowed solids yet.22 ounces so far today.

God bless

Afternoon update

Michael has had 6 ounces of pedialite and 12 ounces of apple juice to drink.

He has also pooped twice more.

More later

We Have Poop !!!!!

The drought is over. Michael pooped a few minutes ago , and according to Cathy, lots of it !
Thankyou for all your prayers.

picture from yesterdat

Michael resting yesterday evening.

Thursday Morning

Michaels Heartrate is down and breathing rate also down closer to good levels.

He slept good and is more awake and with it this morning.

He will be moved to his room on the 7th floor later today also.

god bless and more later

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

evening update

Michael is still trying to poop.
He is making smells so poop might be coming soon.

He is starting to loos some Hair Also

Sweet dreams all and more in the morning.


Late Afternoon update

Michael resting
Heartrate 190
Breaths 46
O2 level 100

Michael may be moved back to his 7th floor room tomorrow.

No CT scan today yet. Might not have one today.

God bless

Michael Morning Update

( Picture from a few days ago - michael sleeping)

He slept on and off last night and whined a little.

Michael had a transfusion yesterday and his platelets are up today.

He looks more awake this morning and his eyes look clearer

His White blood Cells are up but Neutrafills are not up enough yet for enima.

A CT scan is scheduled for this morning to check his lungs and liver again. One thing they want to do is check the cancer / tumor to see if they are reduced in size.

More after lunch.

Michael from a few days ago.

Nno update on status this morning but I will post when I hear from Cathy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Afternoon update

The Echo Cardiogram results came back and his heart is good. the doctors wanted to check in case his high heartrate was a seperate heart issue.

Michael is trying to go poop for all he is worth. He will push for a while and then rest/sleep.

If his levels will just come up a little more they can give him an enima to help.
(white blood cells and platelets)

His blood pressure and o2 levels are remaining good.

I'll give you an update later tonight as Im going to take the family (grandparents and children) in to see cathy and michael tonight.

God bless

good news in small bytes

The doctors are beginning to taper off Michaels Morphine.

They are adding more saline to see if dehydration is causing the high breathing and heart rates.

His white blood cell count is up from 0.4 a couple of days ago to 1.4
If they can get his platelets and cell count up enough they can do an enima to help him go poop and get things moving.

Michaels Alpha pherine (I think that's what it is called) reading which is a liver enzyme reading of some sort that has decreased from 6400 to 1200 when he was on his chemo, so they have to do another test to see if it remains down. This enzyme is influenced by the cancer so if it is truly decreasing then his cancer is getting killed off by the chemo, which is good.
We are waiting on the doctors to do some more tests for this.

Michael may get a CT scan today on his lungs also.

More later


Tuesday Morning

Michael slept through the night.

His breathing rate is still elivated although his other signs remain good.

His blood platelets are finally beginning to rise which is good.

More later


Monday, May 18, 2009

Dinner update

Michael's resting and has an oxygen mask on his nose which doctors are hoping will force oxygen into his lungs and help him to take longer slower breaths.

The next chemo drug has been delayed till Thursday to give him more time to go poop.

His blood presure and other stats are good.

I'll update again later tonight

Cathy and I are well.
God bless

lunchtime update

There is no change. Michael still comfortable and in the pediatric ICU which they work at various options to reduce his heartrate and control his temperature.
His temp and heartrate are high but not dangerousely high so while the doctors are working to reduce them they are not having to do anything drastic.

The latest plan is to change a couple of the meds to medicines which have side effects of reduced heartrate to see if they can assist in slowing his heartrate a little.

more later

Monday morning

Michael slept through the night with his stats remaining the same as yesterday.

No discussions with the doctors yet this morning but I will post an update when things change.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Night update

Michael's still got a high heart rate but his blood pressure and o2 levels are good.

The doctors are substituting another pain med for the morphine and changing one other med in case his high temp is a side effect of one of the meds.

Cathy is thee with him and I'll be visiting after work tomorrow.

God bless and thanks for everything and the great support.


Lunchtime update

Michael will be in icu tonight as the doctors try to get him to go poop.

His heartrate is now dipping a little lower into the 170's which is high still but less than the 190's to 200's of yesterday morning.

His temp is a little warm but not over100 .

Blood pressure is good and his number of breaths per minute is lower and moving towards what it should be.

I'm headding home shortly and then will take my parents and Tristan and Makayla out for dinner and a little shopping.

Cathy will be here all night.

God bless and more later.

Sunday early morning

Michael sleeping.
Temp is still a little high , 99 but lower than yesterday mornings 101.
Cathy skeeping also.

Doctors think one more night in icu

More later.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fever broken

Michael's temp now 98.6 which is a lot lower thanthe 101 plus it was a couple of hours ago.
Praise god

Late night update

Michael is sleeping.
Heartrate is down a little and temp is down 1 degree.
Maybe the antibiotics are finally kicking in.
Cathy and I are spending the night in the icu with michael.

God bless and goodnight

Evening update

Mchael awake and watching finding Nemo.

Cathy still sleeping.

His temp is still high , but hasn't gone up and been the same for the last 4 hours.
We are praying it will begin to fall tonight as the antibiotics fight whatever infection he may have.

God bless

Dinner time update

Michael still resting. Cathy also.
God bless

Afternoon update

Michael is sleeping in cathys arms. Cathy is also sleeping.

We are still in the picu.

Hoping we can get michael well enough to get back upstairs to the 7th floor.



Michael isstill in icu.
Cathy and I are here with him.
He has a high heartrate but his blood presure and o2 levels seem to be ok.

He had another xray but that didn't show anything new.

The doctors are hoping to get his heart rate down when he fights off the possible infection.

Michael Is sleeping in cathys arms.

God bless

Saturday morning

Michael is back down in the picu (pediatric intensive care unit).

They will be trying to suction out his lungs and stomach a bit.

They are thinking he may have an infection and maybe not pneumonia ?

Michael is still on antibiotics.

We are thankful for the prayers. More later.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Evening

Michael is continuing to try to go poop without success.
He is in a little pain with a high heartrate.

The XRays came back and the doctors are saying there are signs in his longs that may be getting Pneumonia which is not good. They Have changed his Antibiotics.

He will also be getting another blood transfusion tonight.

Hopefully they can get him a little more relaxed so he can sleep.

God bless and please continue to pray for my son Michael.


Pre dinner update

Michael is trying to poop but without success this far.

Cathy is going to talk to dogs shortly . More soon


Lunch update

Michael is sceduled for daily upright xrays to monitor his bowels until he poops. Dr shastry and dr barsdorfer, the main two oncologists were in to check Michael and say his bowel sounds are better today.

The Michael has also had a extra shot of morphine for the pain.

There is the posibility of a infection so michael is on antibiotics just in case the blood cultures they took come back positive.
He will also get daily blood cultures.

His temp at 9am. Was 37.5 and at 1pm it was 37.9 so the nurse gave him some Tylenol.

His next Chemo series in the current round is set for Monday.

More later
God bless

Friday. Morning

Michael resting. Still no poop.
Dogs are switching out the morphine for oxicodine,

More later

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday afternoon

Michael awake and resting and watching tv.
His morphine is down 20% .

I'll be bringing Tristan and Makayla back home today.

Still no poop. And michael will be here possibly another week.
He has lost another pound of fluid weight which is good.

God bless

Thursday Lunchtime Update

Michael had another x-ray this morning to take another look at his insides and verify the progress.

The Doctors are going to try reducing the morphine later today also.

Still no poop :-(

(My parents made it here finally after being stuck in Chicago last night.)

god bless, more later

Thursday morning

Michael was a little restless last night. He still hasn't pooped.
My parents flight in from Chicago was cancelled and they are flyingin this morning.
Lots of doctors visits and tests as usual. His next bunch of chemo is tomorrow.
God bless.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Evening update

Michael is sleeping. He did throw up once today.
He has list a little more of the fluid he built up and continues to look better each day.
More tomorrow .
God bless

afternoon update

Michael is a bit more with it today. Hes saying "mum" to get cathy's attention when a tv show he is watching ends.

The doctors are reducing his morphine dose as it aids constipation and they want him to go poop :-)
Hes also on some laxitives.
God Bless, More Later

Wednesday Morning - no visitors today please

Michael slept through the night.
He has a blood transfusion today but thats just a routine thing for chemo patients.
His xray results were ok and the same as the last xray he had.
Cathy is doing well and got to sleep through the night also.
God Bless.
(If you wish you can phone cathy 517-285-0742)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A second xray

Helped wheel michael down to 3rd floor for a second xray as the inroom ones didn't work well to get the pictures the doctors wanted.

The xray looked ok to me but we will have to wait for the radiologist to look at them.

God bless and good night all.

Chest x-ray

Michael's medicine has been changed a little. He is also getting an in room chest xray to check his stomach as he was vomitting abut this afternoon.
He was more active this morning which is stood sign.

Please continue the prayers that he may get more of an appetite tomorrow.

We are trying to get a break from visitors tomorrow as the volume of visitors may be causing him anxiety.

Xray results later.


No visitors Wednesday please

Michael is a little tired still so we are requesting no visitors tomorrow. Wednesday.

Tuesday Mid Morning

I just talked to Cathy (Im at work) and Michael is doing well this morning.

His O2 feed is getting reduced and he should be off that assistance soon.

(His o2 stats were low after the operation on thursday so they have the o2 tube feeding in his nostrils.)

Prayer List

If your church is praying for Michael please leave a comment with the church name and I will add it to the listing on the right side of this blog.

We appreciate all your Prayers.
(We are blessed with a very good health insurance so we currrently have no financial needs)

Thankyou and god Bless.

Tuesday Morning

Michaels been up last night but doing well.

He slept a lot yesterday so was not too tired last night.
Cathy is a little tired.
He is doing a lot bettere apart from a few healing pains from his surgery.
more later.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday evening

Michael's pressure bandage gas been removed and he just has a little tape over his scar which is healing very well.

He is moving around more but still in discomfort from the surgery and chemo.
He has not vomitted today at all !

His heart rate is lower also showing he is less stressed.

Thankyou for the support
More tomorrow

As of 1pm Michael is still going ok and hasnt had any more issues with throwing up.

I'll be by the hospital after work and will post another update then.

Michael's doing well today and has acouple of days break in his chemo.

He slept well last night as did cathy.

God bless all who are helping and supportins us through these tough times.

Michaels New Blog

Here is the page to find Michaels latest News.

History so Far,

He has Cancer :-(

Its currently a tumor in his liver and also a few spots in his lungs.

He is under the care of the fabulas doctors at Motts Childrens Hospital, University of Michigan.

He began Chemo on Saturday and as of today has a couple of days off