Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Busy month

It's been a hectic month for the family so far.
An unexpected trip down to Georgia due to the passing of one of Michaels Grandparents (Nancy Easterling), And various home projects which Michael has assisted with.
Michael continues to have good test results which confirm the lack of cancer and God's awesome ability to answer prayer and eradicate sickness.
He is enjoying a break from schoolwork and a chance to get out in the sun when the Michigan weather obliges.
Good bless

Yesterday's checkup

Michael was at Motts children's hospital for his checkup.  His test results were fantastic.  Cancer number is below 2 which is normal.  His hearing has even improved which is not supposed to happen. He was a big brave boy for his blood draws and we are so proud of him.
Good bless and eternal praise to the one who can heal all ills.