Friday, April 23, 2010

Michael's party was a big success. He had a Lightening McQueen cake and Chocolate ice cream. He had three different types of balloons. The table was decorated with a Cars table cloth and napkins. He had his grandparents come and visit from Romulus. He got a soccer net from Gramme and Granddad, balls, Hot Dog dance Mickey, Car carrier from Grandma and Granddad, doctor outfit from Grandma mallie and a fireman's outfit from Ms. Joann. He really enjoyed himself. Thanks for all the cards and gifts.

We got good news today. Michael's Cancer cell number AFP came back at 2.6. I hope this is a great sign that his cancer in his lung is not growing. A CT Scan will take place May 27th at 9:00am. We should know something that day. Please keep Michael in your prayers that the one nodule they are concerned about will be gone.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Michael is doing well we should know the results of his AFP (Cancer cell number soon). He had the blood test yesterday, but it takes a few days to get the results. Tomorrow is Michael's birthday and we will be celebrating with the family. Michael wants a MacQueen cake and he can't wait to eat it. Gramme and Granddad will be coming up to celebrate with us. Maybe a few others, but mostly family. We have a lot to celebrate this year, as we were not sure he would even be here with us this year. Thank you all for praying for Michael. Your continued prayers are still needed. More updates tomorrow.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Michael seems to be doing well. He has gained his weight back from before he had chemo. We are still waiting for his height to catch up. He is still a bit short for his growth chart. On April 22 he will be celebrating his 3rd birthday. Michael wants to have a Lightening McQueen Cake. Wow, we have come so far it just a short time his has been on this earth. He will be getting the annual immunizations at the pediatrician, as well as, going to St. Joseph to get his AFP level checked. They both will be done at the end of April.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Michael has a bit of a cold but is doing well. He had his scans last week and went to see the doctors this week. He will be going back for a scan of his chest in May. The scan done last week showed three nodules were gone and three were stable, but one had gotten slightly bigger. They want to determine if the difference is just from position or if it is truly getting bigger because of cancer. If the May scan shows another increase, Michael will have to have it removed from his left side of his lung. His liver looked good no new cancer in the liver. He has gained back the weight that he needed to and we are waiting for his height to pick up now as well. He is behind about 4 inches.
The rest of the family is trying to fight the cold that is going around this spring. Please keep your prayers coming. Michael is still not considered in remission from the cancer yet, maybe in a couple of months.