Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today's scans and tests

Michael had an MRI and CT scan and blood tests today.

His AFP cancer number is less than 2. So no cancer growing, praise God.

The MRI and CT were both also good.

Michael continues to be out cancer kicking miracle child and we continue to praise god for his good health.

One of Michaels original doctors admitted that he didn't think Michaels would have survived as the cancer was stage 4 and well advanced. God had other plans though and we revel in this miracle which is our young son Michael.

We have our Christmas present and give thanks to God.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Michael is so far healthy.  We hope he stays healthy so  he can gets his scans on Dec. 20th.  We will be going to the new Motts Children Hospital.  We will have to leave a little bit earlier, because I don't know the layout of the new hospital.  He will have the scans and clinic later that same day.  While he is under he will have his labs drawn.  We should be able to see his AFP (cancer cell number).  That will give us the first indication as to whether he is still ok.   Please be praying that he stays healthy for his scans.