Sunday, September 19, 2010

Michaels and Tristans Room painting

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Well we went to the genetics docs.  They said that after reviewing the information about our families that we did not have a genetic connection to the cancer.  It was just a million to one odds that he got it.  That is good for his future.  His children should have the same odds as any other child.  Michael seems to be doing well he has gain some height in the last month.  He is now 37 inches tall.  He is very active.  We are starting him in preschool (home school).  I teach him abc's, numbers, colors, shapes and objects that are the same and different.  His brother is in 1st grade and his sister is 2nd grade.  For gym class we do cycling, dance and weight training.  Sometimes we just run around.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Out shopping Today

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Michael is so cute.  I have just seen a movie that made me remember what our journey was like last year.  It is a great movie.  If you want to see it look for "Letters to God".  It reminded me of the struggle that we went through as we meet new parents and their children were diagnosed with cancer.  It reminded us that we were going through the same thing as someone else and that we could help each other.  I remember walking down the halls at 3:00am and running into someone else's parents.  Their child was having a hard night like Michael and had finally gone to sleep.  We would talk for a while and encourgage each other then go back to our children's room and try to rest and regain strength for the next days journey.  The nurses on our floor were all so wonderful.  I give them a lot of props for going through that day in and day out.  We have had some really good doctors and a few training doctors that will be great doctors someday.  When you are having a hard day, just remember that everyday on the 7th floor at Mott Children's hospital a child is fighting to survive.    It is so amazing all the smiles that come from that same floor.  God Bless you.