Sunday, August 30, 2009

Michael is eating and drinking. He still needs to eat more to gain weight. He went to visit church for a short time this morning. He is playing with Daddy and Mom. He wanted us to play with blocks so we built him a chair out of blocks. He is giving dad lovings and drinking his hot tea.

My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12 :9
When storms arise in our life, it is comforting to have those around us who are familiar and safe—a spouse, children, or close friends. But when we are alone and facing uncertainty, we must remind ourselves that God controls not only the wind and the waves created by nature, but those created by life as well. We are never truly alone and facing the elements by ourselves; God will always walk through the storm with us. Words of David Jeremiah, but so true. I don't know how often I have thought this myself.

Thanks for all the prayers,

Friday, August 28, 2009

Michael is doing well today. Smiling and playing with his brother and sister. He even was acting like he was vacuuming the floor while Amy Mills was here helping out. She did a great job helping me clean the house. Thanks a lot Amy. The kids followed her around trying to help but really getting in the way. We all went to Taco bell and Michael decide he wants to walk around the restaurant and was playing with a couple other children there. We came home and it was time for naps and quite time for Makayla. Soon it will be time for them to get up and the noise and play will begin again. Dad is making it easy on me tonight and is bring dinner home. Thanks you daddy.

Don't miss the little blessing that are around you everyday. They are there! Just look or them. You might be surprised how many you have in just one day.

Keep the prayers coming and you will see a miracle before you soon. Keep spreading the word about Michael. We need the rest the Western USA to pray for Michael. We also need many other countires to pray for him.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Michael is back from the hospital and is doing well. His blood counts and immunity is doing good. Makayla and Tristan had a wonderful time with the Darlings. Thank you Barb and Steve for entertaining the children today they went to see the new kittens, then to the zoo and even had a picnic. They were talking about it for some time after getting back. Michael was excited to see his brother and sister when they came back.

I was reading something from David Jeremiah, "When storms arise in our life, it is comforting to have those around us who are familiar and safe—a spouse, children, or close friends. But when we are alone and facing uncertainty, we must remind ourselves that God controls not only the wind and the waves created by nature, but those created by life as well. We are never truly alone and facing the elements by ourselves; God will always walk through the storm with us.

During the uncertain and frightening storms of life, let us do as the Psalmist "…in the shadow of Your wings I will make my refuge, until these calamities have passed by""
(Psalm 57:1).

We must remember that God is truly the wind beneath our wings. That he is in control and that when we go through the storms in our lives he is teaching us special things.

What a blessing to see that Michael is back to his old self. We have to get him to eat a bit more food so he can gain weight.

God Bless,


Thankyou Barb and Steve

Thanks for taking Tristan and Makayla for the day.
God bless you both.

Michael continues to do well on this cycle of chemo


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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Michael, Tristan and Makayla are all playing together in the living room. They made a tent in the middle of the floor. They try and make it different every time. They seem to be having fun. Michael is playing with the toys while the other two play hide and seek from him in the tent.

We are trying to get Michael to gain some weight again. Since this chemo is not as hard on him, we hope he will gain a few pounds before starting the first type of chemo again in a couple of months. Michael will have one more round of Irinoteacan and Vincristine, then another scan to see the response from these two chemo treatments. We have had great results from the other chemo drugs (cisplatin, doxorubicin, 5-FU, and Vincristine), but they are highly toxic.

We will be off to the hospital again tomorrow for Vincristine. Makayla and Tristan are excited that Mrs. Darling will be coming to spend time with them.

Thank you everyone that gave food this week. It turned out that Russ and I were both sick. We hope that Michael does not get sick as well. We find out on Thursday if his immunity is still good or has dropped down. We are not sure what to expect since this chemo is not supposed to affect his bone marrow as much.

Thanks again for the prayers. We ask that you continue to keep praying, the prayers are working.
God bless you,

Wednesday Update

Michael is going strong and ready for another shot of chemo tomorrow.

He is doing well with eating and drinking and being physically active.

Michael is very active comapred to a couple of weeks ago when he was nervous about walking without holding someones hand. He is now walking all over the house unaided.

Much thanks to the lady's from church who cooked us a couple of great meals for the last 3 days which has helped us as Cathy and I both have a cold at the moment. Luckily Michael still has good immunity.

Will post more news tomorrow.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back Home

Michael breezed through todays chemo.

Having a wee sleep now but going great.
god bless

Morning update

Cathys taking Michael down this morning for another chemo infusion.
He is still doing great on this chemo round.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Michael is back home

We are home.
Michaels progress is very good.
The scans show the cancer spots in his lungs to still be there but there is hugh reduction in size and numbers. Many are gone.

His liver tumor is less than half the size and about 1/4 to 1/5 the volume it was 2 cycles ago. This is fantastic. It is now the size of a super bouncy ball, before it was probably the size of a softball. The doctors said the MRI report shows signs that the tumor is dying.

Michael still needs even more prayers as he goes through his chemo and this cancer shrinks away. Michael goes in for outpatient chemo tomorrow, Monday and Thursday. After two cycles of this chemo he will have another MRI/CT.

Praise God, and thank you great medical staff.

I'll be at church tomorrow with Tristan and Makayla.


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Friday, August 21, 2009

Michael did very well today. He slept most of the day and finally got active around 5:00pm. He seems to be tolerating this new chemo very well. At about 9:00pm we got a preliminary report that stated that he still has the cancer in the lungs and liver. The ones in the lungs look as tho they have gone down to 3mm in size, but have to wait for the doctor to confirm in the morning. The mass in the Liver also seem like the report is saying that it has reduced down about 30% more. That would mean his liver tumor has gone down 60% since May. From the report it seems to be saying that the tumor is dying, but we still have to have that confirmed by the doctors tomorrow. We will be talking to them about this tomorrow mid morning. We will update the blog tomorrow with more information. I am very tired and will brush mine and Michael's teeth and go to bed. Hopefully to not be awoken in the middle of the night. Thank you for all the prayers for Michael.
Good Night and God Bless. Keep the prayers coming!

Back inroom

Michaels back in the room.
No rest results yet.
Getting more chemo and doing well. Probably begone tomorrow.

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Michaels in recovery after his MRI and CT.

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MRI and ct in progress

Michaels gone infor his MRI and ct.

On aside note, the anesthetist is from New Zealand.
Mire later.

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Chemo going very well.
No issues and it looks like Michael will be discharged tomorrow to come home.

His scans are scheduled formidable day today.

His bless

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Michael's blood pressure actually went down to 63 for the top number last night. So his blood pressure was checked a little more(2:00am, 3:00am, etc). Michael was not to happy with that. He would say awhee when it would squeeze his arm, his way of protesting. I woke him up at 5:30am so he would be able to eat something before his MRI/CT scans today. He then went back to sleep and is still sleeping this morning. He will go down and get ready for another hours sleep in just about one hour. They have to put him out for the MRI/CT because he can not move. The scans will be finished around 1:00pm and he will be able to start eating and drinking all he wants then. We should know something by tonight. So we will have a lot of calls to family and update our faithful friends on our blog with the news.
Keep PRAYING, the prayers are really working. Don't be a stranger, you can comment and let us know you are thinking of us or praying for us. You can even ask us questions. We love hearing from all of you.
Love and God Bless

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael did very well so far with his new chemo. He has had a lot of energy and has played with Tristan and Makayla in the playroom at the hospital today. This is a first for Michael. He usually does not go in the playroom and if he does want to leave as soon as he enters the room. He then slept for only one hour and went up to listen to Bob play his guitar. He has been running around the floor pushing the button to open the doors and playing in the park section of the 7th floor. He was climbing up and playing in the fire truck there and was really enjoying himself. He did not want to go back to the room, but I think he is finally starting to slow down and get sleepy. Tomorrow is the big day. He gets his MRI and CT scan. Please PRAY for Michael tonight and tomorrow that God will heal him completely. Thanks everyone God Bless

Chemo started

Michael started his new chemo at 5 pm.

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Room 76 , 7 th floor , Motts Childrens Hospital.
His blood tests were good so the chemo will start today.

God bless

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At Motts

Michaels getting his blood test.
Next to the clinic for a consult and then check in.
They have the room ready already. Dont know number yet.

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on the way to hospital

We are driving in to the hospital for michaels blood test and then to check him in for the next rd of chemo.

I'll post the room number when we get checked in which will probably be this afternoon sometime.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Update

Michael was super happy last night. Even walking around by him self unassisted which he hasnt done for a while. Recently he had been very scared of falling and wanting to hold your hand when walking but last night he was having so much fun he began walking around by himself a bit.

It was great to see him having fun and plaing with us.

we are getting ready to check him and Cathy into hospital tomorrow for the new chemo round and scans and hoping that this new chemo is easier on his body. Cathy has been researching it a bit and aparently its easier on the body but still effective against the cancer.

God bless

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

update - no changes today

Michaels doing well today. His Levels are all good and he is on zero meds apart from the Calcium until thursday.

Opps, one correction. He has to start Antibiotics as they want him on them before starting this next chemo.

He is aparently very happy at home and enjoying the freedom and lack of nurse visits every few minutes.

Still on track for Thursday check in for Chemo.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Morning Update

Hes had his blood tests so now we have to wait for the results to see if any meds are needed before thursday.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

quick pic

Michal is home and eating a snack

Michaels eating a little late night oatmeal snack.
He's got a little trip out tomorrow for blood tests but apart from that should be home till thursday when we check him into the hospital for more chemo.

friday is the big MRI / CT scan day so please pray that the scans show big improvements.

god bless

Morning update

Michaels sleeping.
He will he at church for the main service this morning.
God bless

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Evening update

Michaels had a good day. Out and about with Cathy in the morning and relaxing at home this evening.

Enjoying the days at home.


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Friday, August 14, 2009

Almost bed time

Michaels had a good day. Some walking and lots of talking.

No meds this weekend exceps calcium .

God bless

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Michael is doing well today. He is playing on the couch and enjoying time with dad. He is eating better and still loves his English hot tea. He is smiling and playing a lot more. This morning he was playing with crayons. Putting them in the crayon bin and dumping them out. He would then play with Makayla and Tristan most of the morning. Tonight he is tickle daddy and sissy's feet. He slept pretty good last night. Michael is losing most of his eye lashes, but his still has his hair and eye brows. We don't know is the new chemo will make him lose his hair more. I guess we will see soon. Pray that Michael will do well with this new chemo., that it will not cause the severe diarrhea that can happen with the side effect. Also, pray that his Red, White and Platelets will call come back up well. Also, that his immune system will come up more.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


No chemotherapy today. Michael will get blood and then we are back home.

Michael will get a blood test on monday and then check in on Thursday next week for chemo , an MRI. and a CT scan.

Michael is also no longer needing infusions if electrolytes each day.

Have a nice day

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Morning update

Still at Motts.
Here's a brief history of his AFP levels (cancer number)

05/01/09. 64244.4

05/09/09. 22992.1

05/15/09. 12801.9

05/22/09. 566.4

05/29/09. 610.6

06/04/09. 649.0

06/12/09. 97.1

07/06/09. 59.5

07/16/09. 20.7

08/13/09. 20.6

Normal level is 0.0 - 7.9

Pray we continue to progress to the good range

God bless

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

evening update

Michaels Sleeping.

Getting a goo nights sleep as we are up early in the morning to go down to Motts childrens Hospital.
8am blood tests and then waiting for the results and a consolt with the main Cancer doctor.
god bless

Morning Update

Michaels got an easy day today. At home resting for the trip to the hospital tomorrow.

We are taking him in tomorrow (thursday) for blood tests to check his platelets but we are thinking they will not be up to 75000 yet and the next round of chemo cant start till they are at 75000.

Michael is sleeping well at night and eating better each day.

more later

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Morning Update

Michael was still sleeping as I left for work.

He was doing ok last night apart from being a little restless.

His blood test results showed his electrolytes are good and most of his levels are ok. His platelets are still not up to where they need to be for the next round of chemo to start. They are at 41000 and need to get up to 75000 or better. We are waiting to hear back from the doctors as to any changes in plans for this weeks chemo which is supposed to start this thursday.

more later

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bloodtests done

Waiting for call with results.
Michael well today.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Evening update

Michael had a good nap, finished a small dinner and is sitting on cathys lap playing with a toy.

He's had all his meds Also for today.

Blood tests tomorrow.
God bless

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Morning update

Michael was a little restlass last night. We are at church and enjoying Yves sermon.
Michael is doing well today .

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday update

Michaela aost done with his afternoon nap.
He's hooked up to his potasium and sodium phosphate drip which should go for another half hour.

He ate some chocolate pancake for breakfast and cheeto's and cookies for lunch along with his hot tea with milk and sugar.

Michaela doing well overall and was even crawling around on the floor last night playing with Tristan and Makayla, his brother and sister.

Have a good weekend all,
God bless

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Morning Update

Michael slept soundly through the night.

Hes had some oatmeal for brreakfast and is getting his morning infusion at home.
No special tests or visits scheduled for today.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Evening update

Michael is doing well. Still needs to eat a little more but is enjoying his time at home.
He is sleeping well at night and will be in bed shortly
God bless

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Michael will not go to the hospital tomorrow

Well, Michael's platelets are not strong enough for him to start his new chemo. We had to let him have a one week break. Hopefully his platelets will recover before next Thursday. They have him planned to go in by 8:00am next week. This new chemo will be easier on his kidneys and bladder, but still gives nausea and diarrhea. Micheal seems to be enjoying toys,and playing the new game that Virginia gave the kids, and dancing with the little bunny Dorthy gave him. Keep praying that his Blood counts will recover and that he will get a better appetite. He has lost 2 1/2 pounds since we started.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Evening update

Great evening for Michael.
Very happy, playful and talkative.
Blood test tomorrow then checking into hospital Thursday.
God bless

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Morning update

Michael slept fairly well.

He has a couple more rest days before the new chemo.
Looks like he will get a MRI and CT scan this week also.
More later.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Update - sort of

Michaels down at Motts getting his infusion.
Cathy forgot her cellphone so I'm not sure how it's going. They should be home this afternoon.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009


Michael very well today.
Low immunity sono church or outside travels.

Blood tests and infusion tomorrow at Motts childrens hospital.

I'll try to post a pic soon

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sad Good bye

Well the sad day has come and Grandma and Granddad Dyer are on their way back to New Zealand. Gramme and Granddad are on their way to Tennessee and we will need the help of friends once again. Virgina is coming to visit on Monday and stay with Tristan and Makayla while Michael is getting is Chemo treatment. Michael should be starting his new chemo on Thursday and will probably be in the hospital for 5 days at least. The doctors said that this chemo. treatment is not as bad as the previous. It should not affect his body has much.

If our children know you and you can help during the day, please let us know by emailing Russ or calling the house.

Please pray that Edith and Selwyn get back safely and that Edith surgery goes well. Pray that we have additional strength and energy to get through the day. We both will need it now more then ever.