Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We cannot allow doubt to creep into our thoughts when we don't understand something; this is exactly what the enemy wants. Instead, we must ask God to help us accept that some things are perhaps hidden from our understanding for a purpose, and we must trust Him regardless. (David Jeremiah)

This is so true. You never seem to look at things so deeply and with such meaning till a trial comes in your life. When in the trial we must accept what God is doing in our life and lean on him for understanding and strength. What a great God we serve. God is always there to take the burdens we have upon his shoulders. On Sunday the song Jesus, Draw me nearer ever nearer has meant so much to me. I even download the sheet music so I could play it on my piano. Read the words and look for the deep meaning they give. Really focus on them. Will you stay with Jesus tho you are drained and weary, or maybe feel you can not go on through the trial? I know I will stay with Jesus and trust in him for all my needs.

Michael is doing well today. He has the normal runny nose (chemo nose we call it). He does not seem to mind it much, but I am forever running behind him wiping his nose. Two more days of freedom from being attached to IV's for three days. Michael really hates having that attached to him. He will have his CT/MRI and Chemo day 1 on Thursday. The chemo is Cisplatin and Doxorubin for day 1, both very toxic. Day 2 just Doxorubin and Day 3 5-FU and Vincristine. Day 4 we wait to see if his kidneys have been affected. Please pray for us this week and next. By the time we leave the hospital his immunity will have started its trend to 0. Normal immunity low is 2.3. What a brave little boy!!!

Thanks everyone,

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday - Hearing tests

Cathy's taking Michael down to U of M for his hearing test which he has to have before the next chemo starts on Thursday.
They should be back home later this afternoon.
Michael is not eating a lot lately but we have been mixing in high calorie drinks into his cup so he is still getting calories and also some other nutrients he needs.
more later

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Michaels still enjoying life and running around.
Chemo this Thursday which will be hard on him.
He was at church this morning but will miss the next 2 weeks due to his immunity going down caus of the chemo.


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

tuesday Update

Micheal continues to do well. He is sleeping mostly through the night, and walking a lot.
He had a big walt around the store and also the mall. then had 2 big poops.
We have a easy week this week again but next week starts the old chemo again which will strain little Michael.
Looking forward to the scans October 1st to check on the Cancer.
more later

Friday, September 18, 2009

At the mall

Had dinner out tonight at the mall.
We will visit our church tomorrow for perry fest.

Michael is doing well and enjoying the eveinig out.

god bless

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Michael seems to be doing well. He was playing this morning with Tristan and Makayla. He even put together the crafts that we did today. Betty from our church gave me puppet kits for the children to put together. The children loved putting them together and then preforming a puppet show with them. Michael was saying hi to the pig Makayla made, I think it was his favorite.

It is so great to see him playing, smiling and just acting like a kid again. Looking back at the last 5 months, it is amazing how fast the days and months went by.. I can't believe Michael will be starting chemo number 7 in just 1 1/2 weeks. With flu season coming and the hard chemo starting, we will not be able to be out and about much longer. When Michael's immunity starts to drop and then come back up we have to be very careful. So for 2 1/2 weeks after the chemo is given we can not go anywhere. Then about the time he is good the next cycle starts. We pray that these two cycles will shrink the tumor to nothing and the remove any remaining nodules in his lungs.

By the way, it is OK to call us. We all ways have time for our friends and family.

God bless,

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

tuesday Update

Michaels doing great and has breezed through the starting 5 days of this latest round of Chemo.

He continues to be the happy little guy we love and has gained a little height !

There are a lot more chemo cycles to go still and we will wait for the next scans (MRI and CT ) at the start of next month.

more later.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hello everyone. I am finally back home again. I am so tired. Michael handled the chemo well these last few days. We had to wait a long time Sunday and Monday for the chemo to come up from the pharmacy, but Saturday it was there when we got to the hospital. One strange thing is that his eye lashes are already coming back. I did not think they would come back until he was finally done with all chemo, but I guess I was wrong.

Start spreading the word that we would like to coordinate between all the churches that are praying for Michael. Let me start with a little background info. Michael is suppose to have 10 rounds of chemo. 4 of the hard toxic chemo, 2 of the easier chemo, 2 hard, and 2 easier. He is currently on the last of the first 2 cycles of easier chemo. He will begin the 2 hard chemo treatments October 1st. The 2 cycles should end around Nov. 19th (I still have to confirm this. Plus we will have to see if Michael's body recovers between the cycles.) What we would like to do is when the doctors give the last vincristine of the 2 cycle, and right before they do the final MRI and CT, we would like to have all the churches do a healing service for Michael. Having someone from your church stand in for him. All churches coming together on the same day praying for a complete healing for Michael.

If your church would like to join us, please email me: cdyer@tds.net
Give me an email address and contact name. I will contact you with Michael information as soon as we know it.

On a sad note. When I went up to the 7th floor I found out that Emma age 13 who had leukemia past away. I also found out that the 5 year girl Allia was back in the hospital because her cancer came back and she is now in comma. I noticed another family that must have received bad news as well. So needless to say that was a rough day. On the good news side. I found out that a 7 year girl that we know that had leukemia has been cancer free for 115 days.

Please continue to pray for us and especially for Michael.

God Bless,

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Michael had his two chemo treatments today. We got there mid morning and did not leave to 2:30pm. His day started out grumpy and he decided he was not hungry. His mood did improve a lot later. He played with Gramme and Granddad and he even managed to have over 1000 calories today.

Russ did the school work today with the kids. He then went grocery shopping and feed them all three meals and practiced with the guys tonight. So needless to say he was very busy.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wow what a day. The day started off taking all the children to get Michaels' lab work done. Got there and thing went well. We then had to start school work. The children were excited and did very well today. Tristan finished about the normal time, but Makayla took a little longer this time because of all the new things to learn this year. Makayla and Tristan did so well today. I am so proud of them both.

Michaels' lab work came back and everything looked wonderful. The Red blood cells that were low came back up on their own. His platelets are back to normal and the White blood cells and immunity is very close to normal. This means that Michael is set and ready to go with his chemo. We will be going to the clinic Thursday-Monday. He will get two chemo treatments Thursday and one each day after til Monday.

Michael seems more like a 2 year old boy this last month. It feels so good to see him play and wear us out each day. He is talking more, walking more and just over all much happier. I don't know how many times I have prayed for this and it feels good to see this pray answered. So many people take for granted your child smiling, laughing, running around, playing with toys or just saying mommy or daddy. In May and June Michael just sleep most of the time. July I slowly started to notice Michael come back. He said Mommy again. What a special day. Then August he began to eat better and walk with help. Then he walked by himself and started to eat better, play more and just be a kid again. We pray that he continues to improve. We thank each of you who have prayed and fasted for Michael. Please continue to do so, God is hearing your prayers.

God Bless,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Michael is doing well today. He was very grumpy when he got up this morning, but as the day went on he was much happier. He is eating a little bit today. Tried some carnation instant breakfast since he was not in the mood to eat. Even a half cup of this is over 150 calories. He drank about 12 ounces of that today. He had a lot of his hot tea, about three glasses. He ate a little bit of oatmeal, Cheetos, cheese puffs and one bit of hot dog.

Hopefully tomorrow he will be eating more tomorrow. Keep praying that he will gain more weight before the hard chemo starts again. School starts tomorrow and that adds a new stress to my life. It is better the children stay home and be home schooled so they are not bringing home the new virus/bugs this year. We will have to be even more careful now who the older children play with and washing our hands more when coming back from places or around groups of people.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sometimes we find ourselves in a period of intense strain. It's important to remember that God has anticipated it, and He has prepared us "for such a time as this." He will give strength for the strain and wisdom for the crisis. This was the message from David Jeremiah. I hope this encourages you as it did me.

Michael Is Doing well this morning. He ate part of a waffle today.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Michael is doing well today. He played with Grandma and Granddad yesterday. We called them yesterday using skype and he was crawling away from the screen and then crawling back and laughing.

At this time he is looking at a pop-up book with Makayla that their aunt Shanda gave them. Michael got a couple of new outfits from Gramme and some of the ladies from the church. Thanks! They were very cute and the amazing thing I still have to get use to is adjusting his waist in. He is now wearing 24 months again. Michael will go to church a short time tomorrow morning.

Michael has lost most of his hair, all of his eye lashes and both eyebrows. I guess that is not to bad since this was his 5th chemo treatment. Michael begins number 6 chemo treatment next Thursday. His new scans will probably be the first week of October.

Please keep praying for Michael to have a complete healing.

Thank you for all your prayers so far. They are working. Just to see him have so much energy right how, even with the low red blood cells.

God Bless,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another good day

Michael continues to enjoy life and have fun. He's been laughing and walking around.

No chemo till next week.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Michaels had blood tests today

Test results are good apart from hemoglobin, which is a little low.
We will have to wait to see what the doctors say.

Michaels playing a lot and even dancing today.

More tomorrow

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Cathy got an email from our main oncologist and Michael doesn't get chemo tomorrow, just ablood test .

So no more chemo till next week.

Michael is doing great and managing to eat well also.

God bless