Monday, February 28, 2011

Michael is getting ready for his Make A Wish trip.  He is so excited to be going to see Mickey Mouse.  Throughout his time in and out of the hospital he wanted to watch Mickey Mouse Club House.   I had to buy the DVD to take it with me to the hospital because many times he had slept past when it came on in the morning and could not understand why he could not see Mickey.   Mickey Mouse is his nickname as well, because he loves him so much.  I don't know how he will react to Mickey being so big when he meets him.  All the children can not wait to fly on their first airplane ever.  I know it will be a mix of emotions from fear to excitement.  We will stay at Give the Kids the World and what a place it is.  You will have to visit their website or pull them up on YouTube.  I cried when I saw all the special things they have for the Wish Children to do.  What a blessing!  It brought back so many memories.  We hope to visit some of the American Cancer Society events this year to encourage more families to give to support this cause.  I hope to one day be in the 50 mile Wish A Mile with Michael.  A week after Michael returns from his trip he will have his MRI and CT scan done.  That will put Michael 16 months out from chemo. then.

Michael is in the other room sing "I have the joy joy joy down in my heart".

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Michael has been doing great. He got to be part of the Coaches vs Cancer night at Morrice High School. He ran out to meet John the head coach of the boys varsity basketball team. The crowd applauded then gave Michael a standing ovation. Tears came to my eyes. He then ran back to dad. He looked so cute. He was then asked to stand with the guys for the National Anthem. He was smiling the whole time. After that he was asked to be part of the high fives when they announced the players. Michael was so excited. He was perfect and what an honor it was to be part of the Coaches vs Cancer this year. They raised $1700.00 this year for the American Cancer Society and Coaches vs Cancer. He got a new survivor shirt and a few other gifts from Amy of the American Cancer Society. What a night it was and when it was all over Michael was so tired. He likes to wear his shirt all the time.